"°~•☆beyOnd grateful to be cHatting with one of mY most favorite rockEr artiSts about a collaborative☆•~°"


"I wore earrings for the first time in about three months. (I thought the ear holes might've closed up but they didn't.) They really put me in a different mood; I felt happy and pulled together, all due to some slight weight dangling from my earlobes."




"After little sleep for the past 2 weeks, first night at the in laws and I slept until 11am. Amazing."


"My older son is writing his personal narrative draft without complaining. My younger son got a Roblox-inspired haircut."


"My son hugged me. Apollo (kittycat) was extra affectionate today. Sank my feet into beach sand at dusk. Ordered the Queen News of the World Robot funkopop and the Radio Gaga Freddie one."


"My student まお Mao came to rivers' neighborhood."


"I messed up my shoulder a couple weeks back. Every day, I get a bit stronger and appreciate what faculties I have a bit more."


"I've read Marie Kondo's book and Konmari-ing my room is making me happy (and I strongly dislike cleaning)"


"At last I received my slime green. I'm so happy. And I talk to somebody who didn't understand a word of what I was saying... It was snorkel's fault. I'm so sorry for my English."


"I'm getting three weezer records in January, so I'm excited for that."


"Was expecting this meeting at my kid's school to be very stressful and it wasn't. Now, my wife and I are going to lunch (eating outside)."

King Tom

"I'm in love with an idea, and it begins with an "R"."


"Listening to my wife and son play othello."